Thursday, May 21, 2015


Perhaps you've been living under a rock, or simply been too busy to care...but Nordstrom is having their half-yearly sale, and there is more than I can handle. But I've given it the college try and have unearthed 12 items that I would like to add to my wardrobe immediately. Take a look:

Each of these items is in keeping with my ethos of casual and chic. There is plenty over at Nordstrom that is both much more and much less casual than the above, and definitely something(s) for everyone. Be sure to let me know what you picked out!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

All Tied Up

It's time to put away the tights and show off those bare legs! Summer dresses are easy to throw on and automatically appear put together in 90° weather. The most casual tee shirt-dress with a pair of sneakers says "I look fabulous" without working at it at all. I love a no-thought look! The drawstring waist dress seems to be popping up everywhere this season, elevating that plain old tee dress into something that is easily styled but still super functional. Check out these examples:


1. River Island's kimono sleeve dress is big on the details, with beautiful drapey sleeves, a v neckline and lots of pockets - two flap pockets at the chest and hip pockets. This would be a great beach-to-dinner option. 
2. If pure cotton is your game, Tory Burch's drawstring waist t-shirt dress has your name all over it. The lovely Frenesi print is a modern take on toile and a great contrast to a laid-back look. At 34" in length, it can be worn cinched without worrying that you'll be exposing your lady bits (unless lady bit exposure is your thing). 
3. Banana Republic's soft drawstring dress is a tank version that is a mix of modal and viscose, and I'm betting it's a flowy, soft hand. This dress also has pockets and the white version is fully lined. Apparently there's another version (color? print? something?), but I can't find it on the BR site. I'm hoping it shows up soon.
4. For the boho chic fan, Joie's Suerte dress is a beautiful pink silk with an ikat print and embroidery. I may not be big into boho looks, but a little luck (suerte luck) from Joie in the form of this dress is welcome all summer long. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Know the 'Drille

Spring and summer footwear is clearly a theme here at LGC. Since I plan on staying on theme (for the moment, at least), lets talk about one of my favorite warm weather sightings: the espadrille. Seeing braided jute rope soles puts joy in my heart, but I try to keep the dollars down because I have a tendency to beat the hell out of them. Trust me, you can find on-trend at every price. Check it out:

Thoughts? The ones on the left are here, and the ones on the right are here. Did you guess right? Which one would you buy?

The espadrille has graduated beyond the simple flat sole and canvas upper. While the traditional style continues to be a fashion mainstay, there is so much more to choose from. I managed to narrow the ridiculous amounts of choices down to six, but I really could have gone crazy here...and no one wants that, right?


Banana Republic checks so many boxes with the Noemie Espadrille (#1): it's a mix of bootie, wedge, sandal and suede that reads very city chic. Plus the color is a great neutral. But really, BR? You call it seaweed? I can't think of a less attractive term for that green.

I love height without straining my poor feet, and I bet I could wear Tory Burch's slides (#2) all day without complaining. The perforated leather is a beautiful ivory with a more subtle nod to Tory's signature double T logo.

Soludos' traditional espadrilles are close to perfection, but I adore their "smoking sipper" (#3) with its signature vamp. This style comes in a ton of variations, and I can't resist the combination of chambray and white embroidery.

Moving away from neutral ground, Steve Madden's perforated faux leather Choppur (#4) comes in a number of colors, and I was drawn to this bright coral. I had a chance to try them on and they're incredibly comfortable, plus the top of the vamp hits exactly the right spot on my arch.

For something feminine, floral and still fun, Gucci's espadrille (#5) is lovely, if a bit pricey. Knowing how hard I am on shoes, this is a no-go for me, but I still drool when I see them.

Want something that's more like regular wedge heel without looking like office attire (but you can still get away with them in the office)? Sam Edelman's Harmony espadrille (#6) has a leather vamp and ankle strap and gets the height going at 3 1/2".

I'm actually wearing a pair of espadrille wedges RIGHT NOW. They're an old pair from the Calypso x Target collabo in a washed blue and green. Yay for warm weather!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Baby Steps

It's been almost a year. Shame on me. I'd love to say I was busy, and I was, but that's no excuse. Rather than moping around and making excuses, lets get right back into it!

The "ugly" sandal has been a fashion statement for approximately two years now. However, I've been bucking this trend due to a deep seated, long-standing dislike of said sandals. In high school, the norm was this look:
Birkenstock Arizona sandals with socks was good for both guys and girls. I went to a small, liberal private school with no dress code. But, as teens will, there was an unwritten dress code: you were in the Birk'nSock group or the Doc Martins group (black, of course). Me? I was in neither, and by the time I graduated I couldn't wait to get the heck outta that place. I still don't own a pair of shoes from either company, but as the weather changes I find myself drawn to a variation of the Birk (and last fall I was dying for these). My Havaianas could use a swap out for days when rubber flip flops aren't going to make the cut, and I love a comfortable sandal in the sweltering heat of summer. With prices ranging from ridiculously reasonable (check out or Nordstrom Rack) to stratospheric (Givenchy) there is a lot to choose from out there! Here are some of my top picks:

The Ugly Sandal - I'm just going to go with the moniker - comes in a variety of styles, but I find that the most common are the X Vamp (#1), the Flip Flop (#2) the Dr. Scholl (#3) and the 2 Strap (#4), all of which correspond to different core Birkenstock styles (Almere, Gizeh, Madrid and Arizona, respectively). My number one pick is the Paz two-strap from Loeffler Randall. The mix of white calf hair and gold pebbled leather straps elevates the cork footbed, and I love the white rubber sole.

Are you into the Ugly Sandal? Or is it to much (to little?) for you?