Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Up And At 'Em

Monday was tough...and here I am on Tuesday still dragging. Which got me thinking about what I wear to bed. Not the most elegant of segues, I admit, but it gets me to where I'm going, which is sleepwear. I love comfortable pajamas, but find that once I'm out of my Target Nick & Nora winter jammies, I usually end up in a ratty T shirt and boxers or one of my nightgowns that I had left over from my maternity wear days. Now that I have admitted that, I am completely embarrassed.

I have a sleepwear quirk: I need to have my shoulders covered. It can be 90 degrees and no AC, and for some reason at night, my shoulders get cold. I had a few tank-and-capri sets that I never felt truly comfortable in because of this weird body thing I've got going on. I came up with some shoulder cover options that look significantly better than the schmatas I've been sporting:

One pet peeve: I hate it when companies sell out of a shirt and only have the shorts (or vice versa). I do understand that not everyone is OCD when it comes to their pajamas and doesn't need to have a top with a bottom. My solution would be to have a number of full sets for sale (i.e., single click of a button for us 'net shoppers) for those of us who don't want to click around to find both pieces of a set (I'm looking at you, numbers 2 and 6). That being said, I do adore Kensie's Sunset Boulevard set (#2) even though Nordstrom is selling the pieces separately, and if you're not careful you'll end up with a top and no shorts.

**yawn**. I think it's time for a nap!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Fast Friday: Tropical Punch

If you haven't guessed from the post title, I'm moving to "fast Fridays" because heck, I am ready for happy hour too! Today's Fast Friday is inspired by the tropical weather we're having around here. It was sunny and gorgeous this morning for about a millesecond. Now it's warm and rainy. I shouldn't complain though, at least it's not snow. But would I like to see the sun sometime this month? Definitely. Which got me thinking about all of the perpetually sunny places I love to visit and their lovely palm trees. There's nothing like the rustle of a palm in a soft breeze.

Pixie Market's palm print maxi dress can be worn day or night. The bright splashes of pink really pop. The clutch from ASOS looks like a California sunset to me. I'm all about a great bomber jacket, and the palm print on this one from Amour Vert is fresh and fun. Zara's Palm Print pants could become a wardrobe staple. I need a pair of Toms, because I may be shopping, but with my purchase I know I'm helping someone too. Finally, Roberto Coin's palm tree necklace is dainty and sweet.

Have a wonderful (sunny!) weekend!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Showers

Remember way back, when Tamara Henriques had the coolest rain boots out there? I still have my leopard print and pink trim boots. You may be wondering why I'm thinking about a new pair. Truth: my boots are mid-calf and I am dying for a pair of full size wellies. But I don't want to go the plain route of Hunter. I am not knocking Hunter. I think the boots are lovely and probably keep your feet completely dry. But I do love some visual interest on my rain boots, especially when they can brighten up a gray day. Big plus: they're rain boots. They really don't have to coordinate with stuff 'cause...rain!

Since Tamara Henriques seems to be out of business, I went hunting for fun rainboots and was not disappointed. There's a plethora of bright single-color boots, and even better, many print options to choose from. Here are my top 5:

1. My daughters have adorable photo print leggings, and these Spy Love Buy boots are a way to show photo print love without looking like you stole your kids' clothes. If licorice isn't your thing, there is also a jellybean boot that looks good enough to eat! 
2. Blackwatch is my favorite plaid, and Ralph Lauren seems to have a lock on the American plaid market. I love the contrast black strap at the top, it's a great finishing touch.
3. Until I started doing research, I'd never heard of Joules, but I am definitely hopping back over to the site for a deeper look around. Like Boden, Joules is a British company that is taking hold in the American market. Joules has quite a few rain boot options. The navy floral print here is very traditional, but the boot feels so fresh! The website indicates that they take care of customs charges, and shipping is only $9.95, and is free on orders over $170. 
4. If you didn't see me waxing rhapsodic about camo earlier this week, be sure to go read about my love for this print. No, camo isn't as bright as the other entries in the top five here, but these Riff-Raff boots are irresistible to me, and would perk me up whether it's raining or not.
5. Last, but definitely not least, Bogs' open handle boot style makes the process of pulling your boots on easy! Bogs has all sorts of prints, solids and even boot heights. These boots scream spring with the bright veggie print and green trim. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Four Way Wednesday: Daytime Affair

It's the middle of the week, which means it's time to explore some options! Our third (fourth, maybe?) daytime affair is coming up next weekend and I'm trying to figure out what to do for this one. If it's not a garden party, daytime affairs can be tough, especially if there is a ceremony in a house of worship. For weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, christenings and other partly-religious shindigs, things to consider are whether or not your arms/shoulders have to be covered, if your skirt needs to be a particular length, and if, as a woman, pants are permitted. Oh, and my favorite: how dressy is this thing, exactly? You might think there's an easy answer to that, but trust me, you'd be wrong. One affair was on a boat and called for "first class attire". We debated if this meant casual, smart, dressy or otherwise. Final translation: cocktail.

So my arms will have to be covered in the synagogue, but after, all bets are off. And I mean that literally since the party is in the middle of the day. For a big party post-religious ceremony, I have seen dresses that range from work attire to red carpet, all at the same event. I am planning on wearing a sleeveless, high crew neck black Ralph Lauren Purple Label jersey sheath. But how to make it something more than just a "regular" black dress? Here are the four options I've come up with:

The Armani Collezioni dress above is nearly identical to my dress, except the one pictured has pockets, which is stellar. I adore a dress with pockets, especially an LBD with pockets. This look may be my favorite. Having a high neckline with a really bright statement necklace is so much fun and really spot on for a daytime affair. The clutch carries through the bright color theme, but you're not on the dance floor with it, so it's just a sweet addition. All the other accessories remain neutral (read: black) to keep the focus on the dress and necklace.

Black and white is a no-miss, as long as you make sure you're not dressed like the catering staff. The addition of this adorable moto-inspired jacket from Club Monaco along with pearls and fun graphic heels will keep me in with the party, not in with the wait staff.

A big cuff and fun earrings is another way to go with this silhouette. And gold and black is elegant and timeless. The sweater is a necessity for the synagogue, but I'll lose it the minute we leave. This look does skew a bit more evening with the addition of the Edie Parker clutch, but it's just divine!


While silver/platinum isn't usually my thing, I love this look from head to toe. The black dress will set off the sweet classic crystal strand from Bauble Bar and the fun Tarina Tarantino chandelier earrings. J. Crew's mirror finish heels are a great height for three hours of dancing (ok, maybe two before all of my girls and I are barefoot). And the holo clutch from Clare Vivier is delicious, and big enough for all the essentials. 

What's your favorite? Keep a lookout for my pick next Saturday on Instagram!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

In Plain Sight

I was catching up on my Real Housewives this morning over breakfast, and nearly swooned when I saw Heather Dubrow prancing around her new property with this:
Valentino Rockstud Tote
I'm going to get this out of the way first: I adore Heather. She's intelligent and doesn't hide it (hallelujah), she doesn't apologize for having what she has, but is cognizant of the fact that 99% of us don't live like she does, and she has great style! Now, on to the outfit she wore to tromp around in the dust: Yes to everything, but the minute I'm outta that dirt I would add a little chain necklace and put on some cute flats. 

But the thing that makes the whole outfit for me is the Valentino tote. This season, Valentino is all about camo accessories, which works for me, because I'm about camo every season. Camo is a great neutral that I use interchangeably with denim, and camo accessories can add a little edgy feeling to an otherwise understated look. 

Emily Gemma (www.thesweetestthing.com) works that Sanctuary top so well. I especially love the pop of pink, which moves the camo look from edgy to fun and girly. Equipment's camo tee is 100% silk and would look fantastic with a pair of white pants and a denim jacket. I couldn't resist the Michael Stars button down. And it's on sale!
I love the sequin top Catherine (www.smalltownbigwardrobe.com) paired with Gap's skimmer jeans! It's a great date night look and elevates the pants from day to night. Looking at the roundup above, it seems that I've mentally hopped on the "looser fit" trend; I didn't even realize I'd chosen boyfriend/slouchy styles until I started writing. Huh. Luckily, I think I have a pair of boyfriend-ish camo pants hiding out in my closet. Adding an unexpected top will be my go-to for a dinner with the hubby. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

What's Your Sign?

The best response I ever heard to that question: "I'm a STOP sign". Bad pickup lines aside, the stars have always fascinated me, and so has the Western zodiac. Yeah, the Eastern zodiac too, but one thing at a time, please! I love all sorts of symbolism, and I especially like it when luxury designers get on the symbolic bandwagon.

Clockwise from 1: Charlotte Olympia's Cosmic collection features both Eastern and Western zodiac symbols. If you're not a shoe person, first seek therapy, then check out the Cosmic collection Pandora bags. You all know already that I love Asha's zodiac pendant (and it WILL be mine). Asha's zodiac collection extends to rings, bracelets and smaller mother-of-pearl charms. They are all subtle, stunning and wearable. Want to wear your zodiac love without looking like a teenager? Carolina Herrera's archival zodiac print is beautifully detailed against a deep blue background. Every zodiac sign has an associated constellation, and if you love the stars like I do, this gorgeous pendant from Ella Poe is right up your alley. The pendant features diamonds set in the pattern of the zodiac constellations. The back of the pendant is engraved with each star sign and set with a ruby for Fire signs, sapphire for Water signs, emerald for Earth signs and diamond for Air signs. Need to corral your crap on a bedside table? John Derian's decoupage Zodiac tray makes a sizable vide poche or a lovely birthday gift. Finally, your handbag isn't complete without a gorgeous compact. Estee Lauder's compact is filled with the company's light-diffusing Lucidity pressed powder to make powdering your nose a celestial experience!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Would you wear...

A slogan tee? I change my mind about this constantly. A couple of days ago, I saw a woman who was approximately my age (let's just peg that at 40ish) wearing a sweater. It fit beautifully, was appropriate for the activity she was involved in and shouldn't have garnered more than a passing glance. But the sweater was a grey marl with neon yellow writing that said #SELFIE across the chest in large letters. My first thought was that it would look adorable on my daughter. My second was that it didn't look quite...right on her.

I know this is a personal opinion. I always wonder if I'm too old for a slogan tee, and there are some gorgeous ones that I've purchased over the past couple of years. However, they seem to languish in my closet, regardless of cost, fabric composition or brilliance/wit. When I reach for one and pull it on, it just feels wrong. I try to make it work in different ways and seem to come up short every time. Yet I go back to the well every spring with the new crop of lightweight intarsia sweaters, tees and tanks that catch my eye even though I know in my heart of hearts that whatever I spend on them is sadly wasted.


I love every one of the tees in the roundup above. So where is that line between age and appropriate? What is your fashion kryptonite? Is there an item you love and buy but can't ever manage to work into your wardrobe?

Kudos to that woman for being secure enough to wear a slogan sweater. I clearly don't have the chutzpah to pull it off.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Get the Green Light

Green is one of my favorite colors, and malachite is one of my favorite natural stones. I remember my parents little collection of malachite objets - an obelisk, a rhino, a corn cob (that one always struck me as really weird, but whatever) and for some crazy reason, when my parents moved out of their house I didn't lay claim to them. Dumb, dumb dumb. Luckily, there are many ways that I can easily satisfy my need for green. 

Clockwise from 1: I remember the first time I wore green polish on my toes. I got so many comments, but that was long ago. Green polish is not unusual these days, and you can have your pick of shades from dusty green to neon. I love Essie's Going Incognito. It's a deep emerald green that looks like the darkest swirl in a malachite stone. Looking at the roundup above, it's pretty clear I like the mix of green and gold. The malachite in these stud earrings is highlighted by the brushed vermeil giving them a warm glow. Speaking of glow...heh, I walked right into that one. L'Objet's pink champagne-scented candle comes in a gorgeous porcelain jar with hand-gilded 24 carat gold. I'd buy it just for the jar, the candle is a bonus! The Odeon from Kris Nations is a fantastic statement necklace. It comes in lapis, pink rhodonite, and my favorite, malachite. I have been lusting after Loeffler Randall's Rae pump. Doesn't the snakeskin look like malachite? These wedges add a gorgeous pop of color and at 2", they're wearable all day. It's like Tory Burch read my mind with this straw tote. I love straw in summer, and with it's metallic and deep green stripes and flat leather handles, this tote is everything and a bag of chips.

Is there a color you love that you try to work into your wardrobe whenever you can? Tell me about it!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Four Way Wednesday: Summer Dress

Being a lazy chick who doesn't like to look like she's being lazy, dresses are a fantastic asset to my warm weather wardrobe. I try to stuff my spring/summer closet with dresses that work in a variety of situations. And when I say variety, I don't mean throwing a suit jacket over a bodycon dress. My office is corporate enough (and I'm old enough) to know that there is no way that's going to be appropriate for me.

Tory Burch's Valerie dress fits the bill for so many occasions. It's green and white print is eye-catching without being overwhelming, and the low cut back is exactly right for when you want to show a little skin, yet can be hidden under a jacket or sweater when you want to look a bit more buttoned up. Let's have a look:
I need heels for work. It makes me feel powerful. I also need a big bag to stash my flipflops in when I slip my heels on. The dark chambray jacket covers the open back of the dress, keeps your body temp from hitting hypothermia from the office HVAC and provides professionalism all in one go. I don't like to go crazy with jewelry at the office, and a short chunky link chain compliments the high neckline of the dress without being too fussy. A nude lip at work makes me feel polished and keeps the lips moisturized. 

Versatility is key at a pool party. Throw your suit and towel in a bag and wear this to meet everyone. Sunscreen is a must, and I go the extra mile with a hat and sunglasses. Well, sunglasses look incredibly cool too, so I never skip them!

Every summer, my girlfriends and I play hooky for a day and hit the city. We do a lot of walking, so a sturdy heel and a cross-body bag are musts. By using a bootie, an eye catching cuff and big hoops, the dress skews a bit boho. I am nowhere near boho in my style. This satisfies my need for boho without me feeling like I'm dressed in someone else's clothing.

Got a daytime wedding? Add a chic jeweled cardi for the actual ceremony and then lose it for the party. Gold accessories with a dash of neon take the Valerie dress to the next level. And don't forget your pedi. I love to play with color on my toes, and it's a great conversation starter!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Smell the Skirts

Let's get right to the point: floral print skirts! Here at LGC it seems my focus this week is going to be about keeping my legs bare. It's one of the things I love most about spring, summer and early fall. I adore a thick tight/mini skirt combo, but not having to deal with legwear under a skirt or dress is such a pleasure, and frankly after this past winter I cannot wait to throw the tights in a drawer and forget about them for a good, long time. Notwithstanding my post-winter trauma, I am much more likely to reach for a dress or skirt when the weather is warmer because, yep, I'm lazy, and no tights means pulling on a skirt is a snap.

Prints are so much fun because you can play with them. Pairing floral prints with different things can really change up the overall feel of the print, and adds a ton of versatility to any piece. Here are my top 5 picks for this season:


1. This knee-length beauty from Pure Sugar achieves a full look without lots of volume. The fabric has great drape and movement and the sky-blue background is so joyous! Pair this with a white linen tee and sneakers for errands. You'll knock the socks of the kid bagging your groceries.
2. Super-long (40"!) and super easy ("pull-on styling"!) doesn't mean super-slouch. Pair Firefleur's maxi skirt with a fitted cotton button down and espadrille wedges for a truly chic look. Not inclined to have such a starched look? A fitted tank and flat sandals will keep the slim line of this skirt going from head to toe.
3. Neoprene is a fantastic material. A neoprene floral midi is an all-around winner this season. Asos' skirt has crazy bright flowers, and the neutral background makes it office friendly with a button down and kitten heels. What something with a bit more edge? Add a black leather tank and black slingback sandals to amp it up. Even better, this multipurpose skirt is under $80.
4. Prabal Gurung knows a pretty posy and a great cut. His skirt is 100% silk and has slit pockets. There's something about a skirt with pockets that gets me every time. The all-over pansy print of this skirt will have me staring at my lap looking for little flower faces.
5. Cute and sexy co-exist in Veronica Beard's little skirt. The tulip style is cute and flirty and the neoprene (yep, again with the neoprene) is au courant. The explosion of color here is an easy add on to any warm weather wardrobe, and the material doesn't wrinkle. Hello traveling companion!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Macaroni and Crayons

Mother's Day is nigh...and I always wonder...did I get the right thing? Which is why I love a wishlist. Sure, not a lot of thought goes into the gift from the giver, but you know you are buying exactly what your friend/loved one/Mom wants. Here's what is on my wishlist, besides my fabulous hand-crafted macaroni necklaces and hand drawn cards. I treasure those and promise to Instagram an entire pile of mother's day gifts that I can't bear to part with.

1. Joie's iconic Alicia tank has been jazzed up with an allover lips print. I want this top in every color and print, but must have this one immediately!
2. In the last three weeks I have tried on tons of fedora hats. Specifically, raffia fedora hats. I really want something other than a ball cap for the pool, as I am trying to break out of my lazy rut in every aspect of my life. This Kate Spade version is dashing and irreverent.
3. I have had my eye on Monica Vinader's Baja ring for some time. Now that it's available in white agate, I may be pulling it off the wishlist on my own. I love mixing white agate with summer colors. This ring looks like a patch of happy sunshine to me.
4. I have no idea what I'd do with these pants, but I want them. I'm sure I'd figure it out. They are so 70's chinoise glam and I can't stop staring at them. Is that a good reason to have something on my wishlist? Hell yes!
5. I saw this zodiac pendant last summer and have been thinking about it for nearly a year. It's long, on a 30" chain and substantial without being bulky, and is definitely missing from my jewelry box. Oh, I'm a Leo if you're curious.
6. When you don't want to wear jean shorts...but really want to wear jean shorts. These chambray shorts are perfect. I think of them as elevated jean shorts.
7. My white agate obsession continues with Kanupriya's Moon Drop earrings. What really gets me is the mix of dark crystals and yellow gold highlighting the white agate. These babies just edge out the Rhapsody earrings, but I'd take either...or both!

Off to buy some Mother's Day gifts!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Draw the Line

Something about summer brings out the stripe lover in me, be it a nautical, a wild color mix or a bold graphic. Maybe I was a sailor in a former life...yeah, not really sure about that one. Stripes can be tough though. There's the fear of them making me look wide, or look like I'm refereeing my kids' softball game, or that I might look like an actual sailor (or just like I'm dressed in a ridiculous costume). I remember as a kid I had a great vertical black and white striped rugby shirt. Oh, how I loved that shirt, and it was purchased on sale at the end of summer, before the beginning of 8th grade. I was so excited to wear it, and loved every second of having it on...until one of my classmates asked me if I was going to call the boys' soccer game. That evening, the shirt went into the goodwill pile. To stay far, far away from the game ref look, I avoid vertical black and white stripes.


1. A traditional sailor shirt has been on my wish list for a very long time. This version from St. James is so chic and cool, and it works with white jeans (yes!), or even better, a white mini skirt. 
2. When I think of tote, Michael Kors Jet Set immediately pops into mind. Aside from the richly striped Saffiano leather, this multi-function tote has a center zip compartment, which makes organization a snap!
3. As I'm sure you've figured out, I'm lazy, but I like to look put-together and many times these two are at odds with each other. Problem solved with Trina Turk's Montecito dress, which makes the lazy person in me happy (just throw it on!), and satisfies my need to look like I have made an effort, simply because it's gorgeous. 
4. Equipment shirts were a staple of my mom's wardrobe in the 80's and they are quickly becoming a go-to in mine. The silk is so soft and feels fantastic. This tie-dye stripe provides just a bit of boho to any look.
5. Coach has been knocking it out of the park in the shoe department, this season being no exception. The Marci heel has captured the essence of the ankle-strap sandal, and the striped leather is so exciting! A major plus for me is the 2.5" heel height, which means I can walk in them all day.
6. Summertime date nights make me want to break out colorful clothes. Colorful striped clothes? Bonus! Nanette Lepore's striped dress will make the cut for the pool party, the beach party and the table for two with a votive candle.  

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Low Profile

I have sneakers...lots of sneakers. Sneakers for running. Sneakers for spinning. Sneakers for hiking. Sneakers for cross-training. I love all of my er..."training" sneakers, but if I'm not about to exercise, in the midst of exercising or post-exercise, you can bet your Lululemon that I'm not wearing any of these kicks. Out of workout gear, I like a low profile - sneaker that is. My kicks should be fun and fashionable: wearable with everything from shorts and jeans to maxi dresses and tailored casual pants. Yet they should still provide me with enough comfort to get me through a full day in the Magic Kingdom and be ready to take on Epcot at night. This season I've got my eye on everything from true gold standards to brand new (to me) brands in the rubber sole field:
Clockwise from 1: Every season, Keds does a fun collaboration or two, and this year's collabo with Kate Spade is no slouch. There's an adorable canvas lemon print, but the cork with navy stole the show for me. C. Wonder is new (to me, at least) in the sneaker biz, and I love this calf hair sneaker in bright saffron orange. It's available in blue and leopard print too! When I was a kid, Tretorn sneakers were the only thing all the girls on my tennis team wore. Nostalgia (these shoes first hit the market in 1964) serves a purpose: the chambray with rose gold would look adorable with a cute romper. Want something with more flash? Metallic bronze Vans original slip-on works for beach and brunch. I love that the color is more gilver (gold & silver) than leaning either way, plus they're $60, a relatively small splurge for a big punch of fun. My hubster spent his childhood and teenage years wearing Adidas logo tee shirts. I'm not into the shirts, but the bold graphic slashes of the original Samba make my feet happy. When I'm thinking sneakers, Sam Edelman isn't the first name that pops into my head, but maybe it should be. The Becker slip on is one of three styles that Edelmen is currently carrying. The combination of slip-on, calf hair and camo rings my casual bell!