Monday, April 28, 2014


After spending years following and loving various fashion blogs, I've found that I tend to have a distinct lack of style when it comes to casual dressing. No, not all the time. I don't live in the same sweats or yoga wear all day every day. But I do get into a casual funk every once in a while. I have those days (weeks?) when I fall into the rut of sweater/tee/jeans. Not that there's anything wrong with a sweater, tee and jeans...but I want to make more of an effort to step out of my comfort zone and look and feel more put together when I walk out the door in my casual wear. This isn't an easy endeavor for me. I love fashion and put an effort into my style. But I find that when I stop thinking about it I hit the replay button, because there are days when I'm just lazy. So welcome to Let's Go Casual, my effort at making sure I cut the lazy out, act more deliberately in my casual dressing and hopefully, in the end, feel great every time I walk out of my house. I hope this makes you feel great too!

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