Thursday, May 1, 2014

Low Profile

I have sneakers...lots of sneakers. Sneakers for running. Sneakers for spinning. Sneakers for hiking. Sneakers for cross-training. I love all of my er..."training" sneakers, but if I'm not about to exercise, in the midst of exercising or post-exercise, you can bet your Lululemon that I'm not wearing any of these kicks. Out of workout gear, I like a low profile - sneaker that is. My kicks should be fun and fashionable: wearable with everything from shorts and jeans to maxi dresses and tailored casual pants. Yet they should still provide me with enough comfort to get me through a full day in the Magic Kingdom and be ready to take on Epcot at night. This season I've got my eye on everything from true gold standards to brand new (to me) brands in the rubber sole field:
Clockwise from 1: Every season, Keds does a fun collaboration or two, and this year's collabo with Kate Spade is no slouch. There's an adorable canvas lemon print, but the cork with navy stole the show for me. C. Wonder is new (to me, at least) in the sneaker biz, and I love this calf hair sneaker in bright saffron orange. It's available in blue and leopard print too! When I was a kid, Tretorn sneakers were the only thing all the girls on my tennis team wore. Nostalgia (these shoes first hit the market in 1964) serves a purpose: the chambray with rose gold would look adorable with a cute romper. Want something with more flash? Metallic bronze Vans original slip-on works for beach and brunch. I love that the color is more gilver (gold & silver) than leaning either way, plus they're $60, a relatively small splurge for a big punch of fun. My hubster spent his childhood and teenage years wearing Adidas logo tee shirts. I'm not into the shirts, but the bold graphic slashes of the original Samba make my feet happy. When I'm thinking sneakers, Sam Edelman isn't the first name that pops into my head, but maybe it should be. The Becker slip on is one of three styles that Edelmen is currently carrying. The combination of slip-on, calf hair and camo rings my casual bell!

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