Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Showers

Remember way back, when Tamara Henriques had the coolest rain boots out there? I still have my leopard print and pink trim boots. You may be wondering why I'm thinking about a new pair. Truth: my boots are mid-calf and I am dying for a pair of full size wellies. But I don't want to go the plain route of Hunter. I am not knocking Hunter. I think the boots are lovely and probably keep your feet completely dry. But I do love some visual interest on my rain boots, especially when they can brighten up a gray day. Big plus: they're rain boots. They really don't have to coordinate with stuff 'cause...rain!

Since Tamara Henriques seems to be out of business, I went hunting for fun rainboots and was not disappointed. There's a plethora of bright single-color boots, and even better, many print options to choose from. Here are my top 5:

1. My daughters have adorable photo print leggings, and these Spy Love Buy boots are a way to show photo print love without looking like you stole your kids' clothes. If licorice isn't your thing, there is also a jellybean boot that looks good enough to eat! 
2. Blackwatch is my favorite plaid, and Ralph Lauren seems to have a lock on the American plaid market. I love the contrast black strap at the top, it's a great finishing touch.
3. Until I started doing research, I'd never heard of Joules, but I am definitely hopping back over to the site for a deeper look around. Like Boden, Joules is a British company that is taking hold in the American market. Joules has quite a few rain boot options. The navy floral print here is very traditional, but the boot feels so fresh! The website indicates that they take care of customs charges, and shipping is only $9.95, and is free on orders over $170. 
4. If you didn't see me waxing rhapsodic about camo earlier this week, be sure to go read about my love for this print. No, camo isn't as bright as the other entries in the top five here, but these Riff-Raff boots are irresistible to me, and would perk me up whether it's raining or not.
5. Last, but definitely not least, Bogs' open handle boot style makes the process of pulling your boots on easy! Bogs has all sorts of prints, solids and even boot heights. These boots scream spring with the bright veggie print and green trim. 

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