Thursday, May 8, 2014

Get the Green Light

Green is one of my favorite colors, and malachite is one of my favorite natural stones. I remember my parents little collection of malachite objets - an obelisk, a rhino, a corn cob (that one always struck me as really weird, but whatever) and for some crazy reason, when my parents moved out of their house I didn't lay claim to them. Dumb, dumb dumb. Luckily, there are many ways that I can easily satisfy my need for green. 

Clockwise from 1: I remember the first time I wore green polish on my toes. I got so many comments, but that was long ago. Green polish is not unusual these days, and you can have your pick of shades from dusty green to neon. I love Essie's Going Incognito. It's a deep emerald green that looks like the darkest swirl in a malachite stone. Looking at the roundup above, it's pretty clear I like the mix of green and gold. The malachite in these stud earrings is highlighted by the brushed vermeil giving them a warm glow. Speaking of glow...heh, I walked right into that one. L'Objet's pink champagne-scented candle comes in a gorgeous porcelain jar with hand-gilded 24 carat gold. I'd buy it just for the jar, the candle is a bonus! The Odeon from Kris Nations is a fantastic statement necklace. It comes in lapis, pink rhodonite, and my favorite, malachite. I have been lusting after Loeffler Randall's Rae pump. Doesn't the snakeskin look like malachite? These wedges add a gorgeous pop of color and at 2", they're wearable all day. It's like Tory Burch read my mind with this straw tote. I love straw in summer, and with it's metallic and deep green stripes and flat leather handles, this tote is everything and a bag of chips.

Is there a color you love that you try to work into your wardrobe whenever you can? Tell me about it!

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