Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Smell the Skirts

Let's get right to the point: floral print skirts! Here at LGC it seems my focus this week is going to be about keeping my legs bare. It's one of the things I love most about spring, summer and early fall. I adore a thick tight/mini skirt combo, but not having to deal with legwear under a skirt or dress is such a pleasure, and frankly after this past winter I cannot wait to throw the tights in a drawer and forget about them for a good, long time. Notwithstanding my post-winter trauma, I am much more likely to reach for a dress or skirt when the weather is warmer because, yep, I'm lazy, and no tights means pulling on a skirt is a snap.

Prints are so much fun because you can play with them. Pairing floral prints with different things can really change up the overall feel of the print, and adds a ton of versatility to any piece. Here are my top 5 picks for this season:


1. This knee-length beauty from Pure Sugar achieves a full look without lots of volume. The fabric has great drape and movement and the sky-blue background is so joyous! Pair this with a white linen tee and sneakers for errands. You'll knock the socks of the kid bagging your groceries.
2. Super-long (40"!) and super easy ("pull-on styling"!) doesn't mean super-slouch. Pair Firefleur's maxi skirt with a fitted cotton button down and espadrille wedges for a truly chic look. Not inclined to have such a starched look? A fitted tank and flat sandals will keep the slim line of this skirt going from head to toe.
3. Neoprene is a fantastic material. A neoprene floral midi is an all-around winner this season. Asos' skirt has crazy bright flowers, and the neutral background makes it office friendly with a button down and kitten heels. What something with a bit more edge? Add a black leather tank and black slingback sandals to amp it up. Even better, this multipurpose skirt is under $80.
4. Prabal Gurung knows a pretty posy and a great cut. His skirt is 100% silk and has slit pockets. There's something about a skirt with pockets that gets me every time. The all-over pansy print of this skirt will have me staring at my lap looking for little flower faces.
5. Cute and sexy co-exist in Veronica Beard's little skirt. The tulip style is cute and flirty and the neoprene (yep, again with the neoprene) is au courant. The explosion of color here is an easy add on to any warm weather wardrobe, and the material doesn't wrinkle. Hello traveling companion!

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