Monday, May 12, 2014

What's Your Sign?

The best response I ever heard to that question: "I'm a STOP sign". Bad pickup lines aside, the stars have always fascinated me, and so has the Western zodiac. Yeah, the Eastern zodiac too, but one thing at a time, please! I love all sorts of symbolism, and I especially like it when luxury designers get on the symbolic bandwagon.

Clockwise from 1: Charlotte Olympia's Cosmic collection features both Eastern and Western zodiac symbols. If you're not a shoe person, first seek therapy, then check out the Cosmic collection Pandora bags. You all know already that I love Asha's zodiac pendant (and it WILL be mine). Asha's zodiac collection extends to rings, bracelets and smaller mother-of-pearl charms. They are all subtle, stunning and wearable. Want to wear your zodiac love without looking like a teenager? Carolina Herrera's archival zodiac print is beautifully detailed against a deep blue background. Every zodiac sign has an associated constellation, and if you love the stars like I do, this gorgeous pendant from Ella Poe is right up your alley. The pendant features diamonds set in the pattern of the zodiac constellations. The back of the pendant is engraved with each star sign and set with a ruby for Fire signs, sapphire for Water signs, emerald for Earth signs and diamond for Air signs. Need to corral your crap on a bedside table? John Derian's decoupage Zodiac tray makes a sizable vide poche or a lovely birthday gift. Finally, your handbag isn't complete without a gorgeous compact. Estee Lauder's compact is filled with the company's light-diffusing Lucidity pressed powder to make powdering your nose a celestial experience!

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